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5 g satellite TV signal interference?

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Satellite antenna 5 g interference of the solution:

(1) shall be: add 5 g interference C band filter. Adding C band interference filter is still not enough to cope with 5 g, can consider the following schemes according to the 5 g interference situation.

(2) optional: lower 5 g base stations transmit power, adjust the 5 g systems under the maximum radiation direction or Angle (0 to 8 db will increase the isolation degree), replace 5 g base station location, etc. (need related communications operators to cooperate).

(3) the optional: on the basis of adding C band filter, replacement of belt filter ability of low noise amplifier (LNA/B) (frequency).

(4) optional: equipped with shielding net (can increase the isolation of 8 to 12 db degrees).

Related to the definition

5 g wi-fi (ac) 802.11 refers to run in the 5 GHZ radio frequencies, and using wi-fi 802.11 ac agreement.

Higher wireless transmission speed are the biggest characteristics of 5 g wi-fi. The industry thinks, 5 g wi-fi entry-level speed is 433 megabits per second, it at least three times the rate of wi-fi, some high-performance 5 g wi-fi could reach more than 1 GBPS.

There is a myth, you have not run in the 5 Ghz band wi-fi is 5 g wi-fi, running in the 5 Ghz band wi-fi protocol standards including 802.11 a (first generation) and 802.11 n (fourth generation, at the same time, running at 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz dual band) and 802.11 ac (fifth generation), while only 802.11 ac protocols used wi-fi is really 5 g wi-fi.




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