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Wind power generation principle and working process of is what?

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The kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical kinetic energy, and then put the mechanical energy into electricity kinetic energy, this is wind power. The principle of wind power generation is using wind power to drive the windmill blades rotating, again through the growth machine will increase the speed of rotation, to make generator to produce electricity.

According to the current versions of the windmill, is about three meters per second wind speed (the extent to which the breeze), can then begin to produce electricity. Wind power is become a boom in the world, because of the wind power do not need to use the fuel, also won't produce radiation or air pollution.

The working process of the wind power generation

1, the first converts wind energy into mechanical energy, using the wind to the windmill blades rotate.

2, the mechanical energy into electrical energy, often mixed with other power generation way.

The benefits of wind power

1, recycled, belong to clean energy

The main energy of wind is the wind, it is inexhaustible, inexhaustible, and won't cause pollution and pollution to nature, is a very suitable for local conditions of new energy.

2, high efficiency, without being limited by the region

In many remote areas, because of the limitation of geographical location, many places have no electricity, success caused great inconvenience to people's life, and the wind power is continuously transform wind electricity for our family, it is not limited by geographical condition, to the mountains to bring benefits and some remote tourist scenic spot.

3, reduce pollution and save resources

We are using water and conventional electricity coal, especially coal on atmospheric pollution is very serious, wind power can be very good avoid this problem, give us create a healthy, comfortable living environment.




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