• 80m Night Vision White Lamp PTZ Camera(SHJ-TA-WH)
  • 80m Night Vision White Lamp PTZ Camera(SHJ-TA-WH)
  • 80m Night Vision White Lamp PTZ Camera(SHJ-TA-WH)
  • 80m Night Vision White Lamp PTZ Camera(SHJ-TA-WH)
  • 80m Night Vision White Lamp PTZ Camera(SHJ-TA-WH)
  • 80m Night Vision White Lamp PTZ Camera(SHJ-TA-WH)
  • 80m Night Vision White Lamp PTZ Camera(SHJ-TA-WH)

80m Night Vision White Lamp PTZ Camera(SHJ-TA-WH)

1. 150m ir night vision
2. PTZ full range of dead angle monitoring
3. Pan preset speed 100°/s
4. Tilt preset speed 80°/s
5. Pan control speed 0°~60°/S
6. Tilt control speed 0°~40°/S
7. Tilt control speed 360°endless rotation
8. Tilt range +90° ~ -90°
9. Preset positions、Tracking 256 positions 6 tracking
10. Working Temperature -35° ~ +55°
11. Can install Analog, HD IP, AHD, SDI, CVI/TVI Camera module
12. HD IP Camera module 20x, 33x zoom 2.0mp/4.0mp camera module optional
13. Weight 6kg

80m Night Vision White Light PTZ Camera


HD-TA8.jpgHD-TA 7.jpgHD-TA.jpg_.webp.jpg案例夜视效果图.jpg


Product Name:White Lamp PTZ camera

Model: SHJ-TA-A-WH





lIndependent defogging and defrosting module, which truly solves the fogging of camera lens caused by temperature difference in outdoor environment

lThe camera compartment uses high-quality heating parts to make the entire warehouse body work together to form an effective anti-fog and defogging pattern.

lAdopting the integrated structure of the upper and lower spindles, the PTZ camera bin and infrared bin will not be bumped and misplaced.

lStandard voltage regulator module filters the instantaneous unstable current of the vehicle to keep the gimbal stable

lPTZ high-speed rotation is smoother, low-speed rotation without jitter

lHigh-strength aluminum alloy design, protection grade IP66

lPTZ full range of dead angle monitoring

White Lamp:PTZ adopts PTZ adopts high intensity dot matrix white light emitting chip, night vision is 50-80 meters

HD IP: PTZ support mainstream megapixeldigital high-definition movement and HD SENSOR HD picture capture, compatible with mainstream HD platform and seamless docking, the maximum support 1080P output, support for dual-stream and high-definition capture, support IE browser

SDI HDPTZ support megapixel HD movement, HD-SDI digital interface output, megapixel digital high-definition image lossless, real-time transmission, no delay, a variety of resolution adjustable (1080p / 60 1080p / 30 1080p / 25 720p / 60 720p / 30 720p / 25)

Coaxial HDPTZ support common AHD / CVI / TVI coaxial HD movement, and support coaxial HD DVR output, the image without any coding compression, full real-time high-definition picture coaxial transmission

Application:110 police mobile law enforcement / fire emergency command / 120 emergency command system / road mobile patrol / urban management law enforcement / special vehicle mobile inspection

PTZ Function

Pan preset speed


Tilt preset speed


Pan control speed


Tilt control speed


Pan range

360°endless rotation

Tilt range

+90° ~ -90°

Preset positionsTracking

256 positions 6 tracking

Control Way

RS485, Built-in 16 protocol, Baud Rate from 2400Bps to 19200Bps optional

Relative Humidity

Less than 90%

IP Grade


Working Temperature

-35° ~ +55°

Impact resistance requirements





Variety of installation according to the environment



Network parameters

Video Compression


Audio Compression

G.722.1、G.711-a law、G.711-u law、MP2L2、G.726、AAC、PCM

Compression output rate


Support Protocol



Interface Protocol


Storage Function

Support MicroSD storage

Intelligent Arlarm

Motion detection, mask alarm, full memory, memory mistake

Measures and Diagram(mm)


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