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The lens adopts Polycarbonate with hardening treatment, which have function of impact resistance;

The shape is unique and streamline design. The product is waterproof and dust-proof;

The light source is high quality and super-power imported LED tubes, which is energy-efficient, and have strong ability of anti-bias light and anti-fogging;

The flash mode is controlled by computer chip, inbuilt professional speaker, can be used for various types of police car.

Main parts and materials

Baseboard loam cake: Use aluminum alloy materials, which have good usability, Strongly anti-impact.

Lens: The lens adopts Polycarbonate with hardening treatment;

Hardness>4H, Transparent>9 Level. Inbuilt retroreflector.

We use high level imported dye, the color is standard and hard to fade.

Light source: 9 PCS. Of super-power LED-8, 4 PCS. Of super-power LED-3 on lane

Control switch : controlled by siren

Speaker: adopts NdFeB magnetic steel. The transfer efficiency of electroacoustic is high, voice is loud, frequency response is wide.

Main technology:

Ambient temperature: -40℃~55℃

Working voltage: DC 12V ,negative pole connects ground

Power of light: 96W ( MAX)

Working current: 8A (MAX)

Fuse protector: 20A

Frequency of flash light: 60-180 times/min

Maximum illuminance: ≥5000lx(visual range is 1000m,greasy weather is 500m)

Loudspeaker: 100W / 8Ω

Siren: you can choose 100W siren you like from our factory

Protection class of lens: IP65

Shape size: 1180×303×142mm

Net weight: 13.5kg

sketch map of socket


sketch map of shape


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